Trine Aerospace Named Authorized Avionics Dealer for Universal Avionics

Colorado Springs, CO, November 2, 2016- Trine Aerospace is proud to announce they have been named an Authorized Dealer for Universal Avionics.

Trine Aerospace is able to advance its existing avionics installation and repair services such as complete instrumental panel fabrication, ADS-B compliant equipment, customizable state-of-the-art upgrades, fabrication of wiring harnesses, auto-pilot installations, slide repairs, IFR re-certifications, RVSM- re-certifications and much more.

Additionally, Trine Aerospace will be able to offer all warranty support, avionics upgrades, troubleshooting, and installation. The dealership agreement authorizes Trine Aerospace to support Universal Avionics equipment in all maintenance and upgrades that increase reliability while giving you the latest enhanced avionics features.

“Having this new dealership opportunity allows us to advance quickly with the development of new STCs on legacy aircraft, ” said Sean Schafer, Director of Avionics, Trine Aerospace. “We are able to keep our focus on providing continued service and support of fleets in which we are experts. The agreement with Universal Avionics allows us to advance our avionics capabilities and utilize our on-site engineering team,” Schafer continued.

Trine Aerospace is a full-service provider of aviation and aerospace products and services. Operating from Colorado Springs (KCOS) airport, Trine Aero supports a wide array of solutions to a variety of markets, including: Aerospace and Defense, Business Aviation, Engineering and Manufacturing, and Special Mission. Services include major alteration and major repair design, avionics installation and repair, parts fabrication, analysis, and FAA-DER engineering approvals. For additional information about Trine Aero contact or visit the corporate website at