Retractable Camera Mount Systems (RCMS)

Trine Aerospace’s Retractable Camera Mount System (RCMS) revolutionizes the way EO/IR sensors are mounted to mission aircraft. Mounting your sensor with a Trine RCMS reduces drag and increases aircraft performance. Plus, the RCMS protects the sensor from FOD during ground operations, and from bird and lightning strikes when airborne.

Trine Aerospace’s RCMS enhances both field operations and security for your parked aircraft when the mission is complete. And its modular design is adaptable to any rotor-wing or fixed-wing aircraft operating at speeds up to 400+ knots.

Whether your mission aircraft requires a nose-, pod- or fuselage-mounted solution, Trine Aerospace’s RCMS technology delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Increased loiter times
  • Greater dash speeds
  • Ultimate camera protection

Each model of surveillance aircraft offers its own unique performance and operational characteristics — and so does the sensor system that you select. The Trine RCMS is designed to help you optimize these features on each of your ISR mission aircraft.

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3 Types of RCMS: One is right for your mission

Nose Mount

Currently Installed On:

  • King Air B200, 300, B300 (350)

Fuselage Mount

For Any Aircraft; Currently Installed On:

  • CASA 235
  • Cessna 206 (uses StraightFlight, incl. 20” camera hole modification)
  • Fairchild Merlin
  • Fokker F-27
  • Pilatus PC-12

External Pod Mount

Currently Installed On:

  • Cessna Caravan
  • King Air B300 (350)